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Publications majeures 3S-R LIRIGM

Publié le 2 mai 2007
Foray P., Colliat J.L. (2005). Design method for offshore piles in very dense sand accepted for presentation in the International Symposium on Foundations in Offshore Geotechnics, ISFOG Perth, Western Australia, sept. Ph. Gotteland, S Lambert, L. Balachoswski. (2005). Strength characteristics of tyre chips-sand mixtures, Studia Geotechnica et Mechanica, Volume XXVII, N°1. E. Rey, D. Jongmans, Ph. Gotteland, S. Garambois (2005). Characterisation of heterogeneous soils using geoelectrical measurements, Engineering Geology, in press. Zhang X. (2005). Modélisation physique des interactions sol-structure en dynamique. Mémoire de Master MCGM, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, juin. Bertrand D., Gotteland, P.H., Nicot, F., Derache, F. (2004). D.E.M. Modelling of soil geocomposite material for rockfall impact, Second PFC Symposium, Numerical Modeling in micromechanics via particle methods, Kyoto, Japan, October. Benoit O., Gotteland Ph., Quibel A. (2003). Prediction of trafficability for tracked vehicle on breached soil: real size tests, Journal of Terramechanics, volume 40, issue 2, pp. 135-160. Rey E., Garambois S., Jongmans D., Gotteland P.H. (2003). Characterization of alluvial fan deposits using electrical methods.  9th  European Meetings of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Prague, Août, 4p. Benoit O., Nouguier C, Gotteland P.H., Grima M. (2002). Experiments and Numerical modelling of the behaviour of a plate on granular soil, 14th Int conf of the Int Society of Terrain Vehicle Systems (ISTVS), Vicksburg, USA, October 2002, 10p. Gotteland P.H., Benoit O. (2002). Experimental device to study trafficability : penetration tests on sand and Bekker parameters , 14th Int conf of the Int Society of Terrain Vehicle Systems (ISTVS), Vicksburg, USA, October, 10p. Plumelle Y., Gangneux P., Frank R., Canou J., Estephan R., Foray P., Garnier J. (2001). Différentes approches du comportement des groupes et des réseaux de micropieux. Proc. Congrès International de Mécanique des Sols ICSMFE, Istanbul, juin. Gotteland, Ph. Tacnet, J.M., Aboura, A. (2000). Caractérisation des sols grossiers, application aux sols de torrents , Revue Française de Génie Civil, vol.4,n°2-3, pp.325-338. Haza E., Gotteland Ph., Gourc, J.P. (2000). Design calculation method adapted for locally loaded geosynthetic reinforced soil embankment , Geotechnical and Geological Engeneering, Kluwer academic publishers, March, vol 18, pp.243-267. Tacnet, J.M., Gotteland, P.H., Bernard, A., Mathieu, G., Deymier, C. (2000). Mesures des caractéristiques géotechniques des sols grossiers, application aux sols de torrents , Congrès International Inter-Praevent 2000, Villach , Autriche, 2000, pp.307-319. Foray P., Balachowski L., Colliat J.L. (1998).  Effect of Overconsolidation of Dense Sands on the Bearing Capacity of Piles. Canadian Geotechnical Journal , octobre, pp. 374-385. Foray P., Balachowski L., Rault G. (1998). Scale effect in skin friction due to the localisation of deformations at the pile-soil interface. In Centrifuge 98, Proc. International Conference CENTRIFUGE 98, Tokyo (Japan), sept., O. Kusakabe & J. Takemura Ed., A.A Balkema Rotterdam, pp. 211-216. Foray P., Balachowski L., Colliat J.L. (1996). Effect of Overconsolidation of Dense Sands on the Bearing Capacity of Driven Piles. In Frontiers of Geotechnology, Proc. 49th Canadian Geotechnical Conference, 23-25 September, St John's Newfoundland, Vol.1, pp. 259-268. Foray P., Balachowski L., Labanieh S. (1995). Modélisation Physique en Chambre d'Etalonnage. Colloque AUGC Les modèles réduits en Génie Civil, Nantes, mai, pp.55-68. Foray P. (1991). Scale and Boundary Effects on Calibration Chamber Pile Testing. In Calibration Chamber Testing, Proc.First Int. Symposium on Calibration Chamber Testing, Clarkson, New York, 28-29 June, An-Bin Huang Edit., Elsevier, pp.147-160.
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