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Publications majeures LGIT

Publié le 2 mai 2007
Drouet, S., Souriau, A. and Cotton, F. (2006). Attenuation, seismic moment and site effects for weak motion events. Application to the Pyrenees. Bull. Seism. Soc. Am. Sous presse Guéguen, Ph. and P.-Y. Bard. (2005). Soil-structure and soil-structure-soil interaction: experimental evidence at the Volvi test site, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, sous presse, 2006 Scherbaum, F., Cotton, F. and Staedtke, H. (2005). The determination of equivalent stochastic models from empirical ground-motion prediction equations. Bull Seism. Soc Am. Bard, P.-Y., J.-L. Chazelas, P. Guéguen, M. Kham, J.-F. Semblat. (2004). Site- City Interaction. Chapter 5 of the book "Assessing And Managing Earthquake Risk [Geo-Scientific And Engineering Knowledge For Earthquake Risk Mitigation: Developments, Tools And Techniques] ", C.S. Oliveira, A. Roca and X. Goula Editors, KLUWER (new book series on Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering). Cornou, C., P. Guéguen, P.-Y. Bard, and E. Haghshenas. (2004). Ambient noise energy bursts observation and modeling: Trapping of harmonic structure-soil indiced waves in a topmost sedimentary layer, Journal of Seismology, 8, 507-524 Dunand, F. & P.-Y. Bard. (2004). Evidence of Soil-Structure Interaction from ambient vibrations -Consequences on design spectra, Third Joint United States-Japan Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction, March 29-30, 2004, Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park, California Pousse, G., C. Berge-Thierry, F.Bonilla and P.-Y. Bard. (2004). Eurocode 8 design response spectra evaluation using the K-Net japanese database, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, July 2004, sous presse. Scherbaum, F., Cotton, F. and Smit, P. (2004). On the Use of Response Spectral-Reference Data for the Selection and Ranking ofGround-Motion Models for Seismic-Hazard Analysis in Regions of Moderate Seismi­city: The Case of Rock Motion. Bull Seism. Soc Am, 94(6): 2164-2185. Berge-Thierry C., Cotton F., Scotti O., Griot-Pommera D. A., and Fukushima Y. (2003). New empirical res­ponse spectral attenuation laws for moderate European earthquakes. J. Earthquake Engineering 7 193-222. Dunand, F., Ait Meziane, Y., Gueguen, Ph., Chatelain, J.-L., Guillier B. (2003). Ben Salem, R., Hadid, M., Hellel, M., Kiboua, A., Laouami, N., Machane, D., Mezouar, N., Nour, Oubaiche, E.H., A., Remas, A.. (2004), Utilisation du bruit de fond pour l'analyse des dommages des bâtiments de Boumerdes suite au séisme du 2 mai, Mem. Serv. Géol. Alg,, 12, 177-191. Dunand, F., P.-Y. Bard, A.-M. Duval, P. Guéguen et S. Vidal. (2003). Périodes et amortissement des bâtiments niçois à partir d'enregistrements de bruit de fond. VIème Colloque National de l'AFPS, Ecole Polytechnique, 1-3 Juillet 2003, Vol. I, 291-298. Dunand, F., P.-Y. Bard, P. Guéguen, J.-L. Chatelain, B. Pilot et T. Vassail. (2003). Auscultation dynamique d'un bâtiment: comparaisons séismes / bruit de fond et avant / après travaux. VIème Colloque National de l'AFPS, Ecole Polytechnique, 1-3 Juillet 2003, Vol. II, 145-152. Parolai, S. and P.-Y. Bard. (2003). Evaluation of amplification and frequency-dependent lengthening of duration of seismic ground motion due to local effects by means Joint Analysis of Sonogram and Standard Spectral Ratio, Journal of Seismology, 7:479-492, 2003. Wyniecki, P., P. Guéguen, P.-Y. Bard et H. Le Fur. (2003). Outil d'identification de la typologie du bâti urbain: apports du couplage entre cartographie numérique et imagerie aérienne et vidéo. VIème Colloque National de l'AFPS, Ecole Polytechnique, 1-3 Juillet 2003, Vol. III, 161-168. Dunand, F.,  P.Y. Bard,  J.L. Chatelain,  Ph. Guéguen,  T. Vassail,  M.N. Farsi. (2002). Damping and frequency from randomdec method applied to in situ measurements of ambient vibrations . Evidence for effective soil structure interaction. Proceedings of the XIIth European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, London, September 10-14, (Elsevier Svience Ltd), Paper 869. Guéguen, P., P.-Y. Bard, and F.J. Chavez-Garcia. (2002). Site-city interaction in Mexico City like environments: an analytical study, Bull. seism. Soc. Am., 92-2, 794-811. Zaré, M., and P.-Y. Bard. (2002). Strong motion data set of Turkey: data processing and site classification, Soil Dyn. and Earthq. Engng, 22-8, 703-718.
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